Here’s a short downloadable document to give you some details about what we are looking for. It’s a summary of the work we have done especially for potential funders and sponsors. Its a preview of where we’ve been and where we want to get to. If you or someone you know might be interested in helping us, then please get in touch at upstarter {at} upstarterincubator {dot} com.


Connect with Upstarter

We know we can’t do this alone. So, if you would like to connect, or if you would like to come and talk to us please get in touch. You can contact us here or you can join our mailing list over to the right.

Potential Upstarts

If you are a startup, or thinking about starting out, please look at our Upstarter Live page, and say Hello.


If you would be interested in being a mentor tell us more


If you are an angel, who would like to invest in something as much about impact as fat returns please write to us.


If you would like to sponsor one of the startups we are working with send us a sign.

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  1. Kenan O'Keefe
    December 7, 2012


    Came to your website based on the workshop being held today, which I unfortunately won’t be able to attend. But I am very interested in the resources available through this startup program! I am a MPD graduate student and am hoping to spend the majority of winter break developing my startup idea. I want to create a 3D modeling crowdsourced database website. I am currently teaching myself all I can about html, css, php, and sql databases. I have a background in engineering but I am very interested in creating a design driven startup because I feel it could potentially separate my idea from the crowd. Once the Spring semester comes I hope to take full advantage of the resources here. Would you possibly have any suggestions of resources I could access over the break? Thanks!