At The Fringe on an Island

Posted on Aug 24, 2017
At The Fringe on an Island

Why would you bring a creative business incubator to a Fringe festival like VFringe17 in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight? Because that’s where all of the creatives are gathering and might just appreciate a little extra fire in their business bellies. That’s what we bring.

Upstarter’s way is to travel to where they/you are busy doing your thing in the first place – where the action is. We like to make our materials & tools available to people in ways that suits them too, so this trip we tried a 3 day version of 6 Weeks to Pop Up, which was not so successful for us – but better for Claire, our one participant.

We also got to join a Fringe Forum talking about the contribution of creatives to the economy, which is obviously our favorite topic (don’t get me started…).

The vintage caravan and microbusiness clinic (loaned to the Fringe guys by Vintage Vacations) was a great success. We had a multitude of new business heads popped around the door – from a Doula looking for clients to someone with a brand new winter swim-warmer idea, to an antiques dealer exploring new ways of reaching people – and they all booked time slots to chew over ideas and challenges.  You can hear more on the Fringe Podcast.

Naturally, our microbusiness futures cards came out to help ease new ideas into life, but most importantly we got to talk about business in an island economy with the very-nearly-entrepreneurs and the worn jaded business people alike. Thank you to everyone who came, and especially to Jack, Mhairi and Becky and all of the brilliant Ventnor Fringe people for getting us there and looking after us.