Posted on Oct 16, 2013

5 Gal Bioreactor_02052013


So, we have been mentoring designer founders both formally and informally for some time now.

The most recent of these is Biogenous, founded by Jacob Douenias and featuring a great and evolving team of people around him with this great idea, including Rohan Rahood, Matt Adler and Lena Tesone.

Jake approached us about 6 months ago when he had developed a Living Curtain of …well, its an interesting thing he’s developed.

So its starts off as a linked unit of bio-mass containers, that hold growing algae. But that’s not all. The algae can create power, and spirulina, and methane…all in these small contained engines of biomass.

So what Biogenous are developing are a range of commercial products that use this core idea and create the kinds of output people will use in their daily lives. Its a whole new platform of products and services, and their first step is to convert a house in Pittsburgh as a testbed of different experiments around this material and these engines. They are getting interest from the algae and biomass body of researchers as well as people interested in new ways of creating localised small scale energy.

We will follow their progress with baited breath!

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