Bringing the experts in

Posted on Oct 22, 2015
Bringing the experts in


We brought the group of companies we have been working with for REACT in Bristol to the deep heart of Hackney Wick, to bring them into a different kind of creative work environment. Hub 67 provided us with a great space for a days work on really thinking about moving your business on. What was important was for it not to be a day of talking heads, but more of a chance to ask deeper questions to the speakers, so they were all asked for the shortest of pieces, leaving more time for questions and conversations.

Victor, Leigh and Tun from Occipital brought their first hand experience of raising funds. They all got a chance to ask about how an investor thinks, and really consider whether its the right route for your particular circumstances, or if it might be, when. Annette Mees from Andfurthermore talked about how to construct an advisory board, and what you might like to do with them. Joseph Macleod took us through how Ustwo brought Monument Valley to life from the business sense, and the business impact was of making a successful app game. Nick Durrant from Plot ended the day about aligning our different languages – laying out the nature of the conversation between creatives, business and technology.



What really worked was that people stayed for the whole day, and the conversation continued into the Crate bar later. Things were chewed over. Meaning was made.

Really interesting speakers, all of whom have given us food for thought and new stuff that we want and need to do!

Westin Nutrition brought some of their amazing snacks and tailored drinks to keep thinking perky, and make sure we didn’t slump. We kept going all day!