International Creative Business upstarting

Posted on Jun 29, 2018
International Creative Business upstarting

Upstarter’s Gill Wildman has been working with NESTA and the British Council in delivering their Creative Enterprise Programme in Jordan and Egypt.

Creative business in both of these countries are a core part of the economy, and increasingly recognised for it. Many produce craft goods, more and more digital producers are also stepping up.

In Jordan she spoke at a meet up of local designers at Jordan’s Design Institute Amman, alongside Dima Shahin from Oasis 500 – a VC group with a Creative Business Fund – we would love to see one here! Talked about what we are doing with The British Council and GIZ, and had a wider conversation with the audience about protecting their ideas, and making a living with design.

Meeting local success stories is so useful – so we have more examples of entrepreneurial styles and stories from our travels. Tamer AlMasri from Jobedu, a local entrepreneur hero, with his relaxed style, talked about how they started on the market stall, selling bandanas before they had any stock, through to a bigger group now, with fans who become designers for them and a strong local brand that trades internationally.

In Egypt, she was able to work with a great group of facilitators who will continue the programme there Esraa, Ranis, Heba and Nada.The workshop gets great feedback, like this:

‘this workshop is really motivating’

What’s truly refreshing to see in both countries is their sense of connection with refugee communities in their lands, and how so many actively connect with those who are stateless, and need to make their own livings.