Jumpstarting at Bruno Works

Posted on Jun 11, 2013
Jumpstarting at Bruno Works









Bruno Works, is a great new co-working space in Downtown Pittsburgh hosted us in a Morning Jumpstart workshop – how to make your business idea tangible fast – in our half day version.

We had some really inspired people come on May 24th and try out a new fast cycle method of jumpstarting their startup ideas (and some came with existing ideas already in play) and by lunchtime we had promised to get them somewhere where they could point to something that told the story of their business idea. Nearly all of them cooked up the idea into a form where they could share it with influencers and possible collaborators.

Its a new workshop, and, just as comics try out new materials, we thought we’d try it out on a new Pittsburgh startup audience. The beauty of doing this love is that we get immediate feedback, and its a part of our process to learn as fast as possible. The ideas were wide ranging and mostly in the social innovation space, a speciality of Pittsburgh people. There are many social innovation startups, and plenty of financial supporters to help them get off the ground and to get established.

Sadly we won’t get to follow up there with the social business models workshop, but it would have been the first of a series of these short rapid worksessions. Good luck everyone!