Micro incubator at a macro community event

Posted on Apr 12, 2017
Micro incubator at a macro community event
We have connected with the brilliant Jess Steele, of Jericho Road, Hastings Pier and Rock House fame. She’s been developing space in communities for a while now, and her latest work is in the area of Ore, just 5 minutes away from Hastings on the south coast.


Ore has particular constraints, but lots of community and lots of heart. So we suggested we come and run a micro incubation session – by that I mean talks, conversations, chatting around business ideas – in a small hut as a part of Power Up Ore, a celebration of the bottom up community development of an unused for 40 years power station and an invitation to endorse and get involved in its future.


We got to speak to a few who are either just starting out, or are just thinking about making a change. From a woman with an idea of curated second hand children’s clothes, to a stage lighting guy who wanted to think about the next thing, to an artist who wants to make artist experiences work as a business, to a man with an existing job who wants to start bee keeping – just for the care of bees, not particularly for the honey, and who might extend this into educational work. As he said: “Not everybody knows what bees do apart from the honey”


As always with these things, its a dedicated team who put things together, bringing Jimmy Cauty’s peepshow containers, a foraging jam maker’s produce, a poetry slam, and some great music and soup together in such a delightful way. Oh, and did I mention the local politicians who came to join in and pledge their support?


Great work, and a pleasure to be a part of this amazing event.