Prototyping Upstarts Weekender at the White Building

Posted on Jul 1, 2014
Prototyping Upstarts Weekender at the White Building










We are also working with the wonderful guys from the White Building – London’s centre for art, technology and sustainability. With them we are doing our rollercoaster weekend of prototyping new business ideas. From Saturday morning 12th July, we’ll take you from idea to well-honed proposition and some real tested state, so that you can leave the building on Sunday evening and go change the world. We wanted a little more time with people who want to get deeper into the startup idea faster.

We’ll be in the White Building Residency Space which connects nicely to Crate Brewery, which means we’ll have an interesting audience to help us work through what we develop. We’ll also arrange for some interesting people to come and give us useful feedback (not character-crushing blows like in Dragons Den).

Interested? Tickets are £40 for the whole weekend (we are subsidising this as we would like feedback from you), and you can get tickets here.

Need more details to be convinced? Let us know here:

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