Robot wrangling

Posted on May 11, 2015
Robot wrangling

RoboUp from Upstarter on Vimeo.

As a part of her Robo Op work, Madeline Gannon made this for us. Robo.Op is an open hardware / open software platform for hacking industrial robots (IRs). In classic generous mode, she has made something that makes it cheaper and easier to customize your IR for creative use, so people can explore the fringes of industrial robotics.

The toolkit is made up of a modular physical prototyping platform, a simplified software interface, and a centralized hub for sharing knowledge, tools, and code. She has used libraries including Ketai (for p5 to android), twitter4j (for twitter to p5), and OpenCV for Processing (for point tracking).

What makes this so interesting is her passion for making interfaces between machines and people in playful, as well as precise and measured ways.