The stories we tell

Posted on Sep 22, 2014
The stories we tell









Last week we ran a Storytelling for Startups workshop with Echo, the economy of hours group, who are creating a network of businesses that are trading their skills together. Fifteen different companies came to explore how they might use storyteling techniques to clarify and extend what they say about themselves. From seasona food and flowers, to apps, to youth, to disability services, we had a perfect range of business and social impact that can only stimulate great thinking.

Being able to work nomadically, in different spaces and places, means we can learn more about what works as a space for sharing our programme. Echo is a perfect place for us to work with, and we get to meet startups who don’t necessarily want to be a part of an incubator, or programme, but do want specific things from each other. The view was also amazing too.

Each time we run this workshop we get to hear about how hard it is to think in a fresh way about who you are and what you are planning to do, because its so hard to begin with. Talking about something in the future needs great yet subtle props and just enough story fragments to blend together to create this vision for different audiences. In 3 hours that’s a big ask, and at the moment the way we prefer to work right now is to leave a sample of a range of tools, rather than just producing one (limited, but) finished thing.

We’ll put some resources on storytelling up on this site soon.





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