Rooms with amazing views

Posted on Nov 16, 2015
Rooms with amazing views
IMG_4823     We have been working with four and now six companies from the Pervasive Media Studio, through the REACT alumni scheme. This last weekend, REACT put together a kind of biennale for immersive media, and showcased many of the projects that have come through the schemes and labs over the years. Some real highlights were (naturally) the companies we have been working with, seeing how they present their ideas to a new audience, and make sense of where they are right now.


Over the weekend some 5500 people came to the Rooms – a series of unused and beautifully aged spaces made up of the old magistrates court, and old police and fire station, now used as a gallery, kitchen and youth centre. Think of Bristol meets Detroit in deteriorated and romantic rooms, distressed walls and room after room maze like buildings. Cells, too on the ground floor that worked as small galleries for specific pieces, and event the ramp space was used to project into and provoke ideas for future graveyards.


Mayfly in particular shared their new journals and stickers that change how we capture the essence of a trip, through a travel journal with sound capture. Bringing the artifacts, stories and images of your trip home, has such a deeper sensory capacity with their app.


Chaka Studio created the Waiting Room space, with truly disturbing accuracy and atmosphere, as they presented their Quipu Project – an interactive project bringing the voices of the disenfranchised women and men of Peru who were forcibly sterilized. The act then terrifying and brought to life by the staging here.


I had been waiting to try out Circumstance’s new edition of their Volumes of Circumstance – a series of writer and team collaborations which has stimulated remarkable new ways of thinking about how a story is experienced. This one with Audrey Niffenegger the story of the twins, was just enchanting, and put both of us (it is a story for two) in a dreamy state for hours. They had a reading section in the Library which was low lit, and slowed people to take in a range of story forms they have created over the years.



Splash n Ripple were in the Study with their Ghost Radio, a delightful piece of kit, and definitely the kind of the technology I imagined whilst reading His Dark Materials. So many others made huge contributions to the whole thing, and too many to mention here. An amazing pop up book backlit with sections of the action in Macbeth, and a maze which filled up, and the Breathing Stone…and the God Article…VR stuff, maze stuff so much amazing work. I think Bristol was blown away, and I hope this becomes a regular feature.



Oh, and we ran some workshops, with guests from Hoffi and Auroch, who were just great. That was really fun. One on microbusiness survival tactics. Another on when and if to scale.