Upstarter at Crate Brewery

Posted on May 28, 2014
Upstarter at Crate Brewery

uppriestinpubWe’re doing a 6 week residence on Tuesday mornings at Crate Brewery, the runaway success located right nearby in Hackney Wick at the White Building.

These generous people are letting us do our thing for local designers and makers. Week two was yesterday and we are looking to see if there is a market here for this kind of early stage startup support. Yesterday we had conversations about how to retain your values as a person whilst making a living, how to get the right price point for you, any retailer you use, and the final customer and how costs are the kind of equation you can play with and make work for you.

One of our principles is to go where the designers and makers are, so doing Upstarter in a Brewery Bar is a perfect place. We had the image of the priest in the back of our minds. Not that we are dispensing spiritual guidance – there are some great local people doing this already – but the kind of reflecting about what you are doing is in the same space.

We run for 4 more weeks, ending in an unusual kind of market.

This is followed up by the weekend workshops in the Residency Space at the White Building, where we get to take a group of startups through a weekend of working up the idea into a shareable and irresistable state!


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