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Posted on Apr 7, 2014

photoWe are now into pilotting our design led incubator.

This is why:

The design community is saturated with great commercial minds that have never been put into roles with deep commercial responsibility” Its not just that, but also that so many people who could start new businesses are not connected to conventional startup services, and more fundamentally may lack the confidence to even start there.

We are doing pilots of our incubation programme in different spaces and institutions. We’re asking five spaces, all different types, to see if we can get a series of pilot experiments across the UK and in Barcelona.

We are investing in this pilot or two reasons. One is to prove that there is a market for what we are doing in the way we think it might work. The second is to get feedback on how we do it. Both are highly valuable for us, and will inform how we proceed. If this is a success, then we get to speak further about how we might work together if that is what we both want. . We expect to be able to open the events up to an additional audience.

This is not incubation as usual. It is formed and paced around creative and makers, without the extreme pressure of more traditional incubators. Hight tech high growth startups are already very well-catered for. What we do, though, is to get ours to focus rapidly on getting customers, understanding them deeply and creating successful products and services combined with change and impact.

The bigger picture for us is that we want to expand access to startup incubation in a way that lowers the barriers for new entrants. We want to create a fund for them. We want to connect them through nomadic incubation that cross-fertilizes ideas and activities. We want the impact to be new kinds of businesses ready for the future, and creating new kinds of value, with low impact and high ambition.

We want to stimulate a network of mutually supporting startups in each location, building on whatever already exists there. This all starts in the next few weeks, and we’ll have more details about each one nearer the time.

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