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We run a range of programmes. Each of these work for different scales of time and stage of development.


We have a variety of these as worksessions. Each of these are designed to tackle specific areas of starting up, and give you tools and methods to work with afterwards. In the workshop we do the actual work to make sure you have something to leave with. They are 3 hour or one day.



Storytelling for Startups

This workshop explores storytelling in relation to your strategy from multiple angles

Who is Your Audience?

Analysing your customers easily by grouping them in to addressable sets of people then working out how to connect with them.


The Big Picture

Together we will explore your strategic intent and create a strategy for your business idea in the form of a roadmap


Proposition Prototyping

This session will capture the essence of a product or service and show how you can craft its expression and test the idea.

We run these all of the time.

Pulse Mentoring
We also offer ongoing mentoring sessions tailored to individual needs


Six Weeks to Pop Up
This 6 evening programme gets you from half an idea, to a pop up that helps you to establish whether its going to work. We prototype the business idea fast, and get it out in front of people. We’re running one of these starting March 2016.


Our 12 month programme is for very early startups who want to take a more immersive and longer form of work with us. We have just completed one in Bristol for REACT at the Pervasive Media Studio.


Future Maker Business

This is our workshop for people who are makers or have maker spaces and wish to think through what kinds of business they might create from what they can make. It sounds simple, and it really works.

This workshop kicks off new ideas and gets a group of people thinking really fast. Just what it says, really. It jumpstarts things.

The Future

We are always working on developing our programme, and in the future we will have a fund to take developed ideas through to investor-ready-ness. We are currently working on an accelerator for creative and maker microbusinesses.

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