1. We help you to clearly identify a vision — what success looks like for you

This allows you to be able to be focussed about what you are doing, what it means for you and the business.

2. We give you tools to help you see — at both a tactical and strategic level

The impact is that you make better decisions and are less likely to be blown off course or distracted whilst you take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

3. We show you how to design for them — in their marketplace

The impact is that you have a clear idea of who you are designing the product/service for, in line with what is possible at the stage of development.

4. We help you create products & services that generate real value — in the world

The impact of this is that you avoid making expensive mistakes in the market, and gives your startup the ability to develop user sensibilities which gets better over time.

5. We help you to create delightful things — for people

The impact of this is you make things people really want. Not technology push, not market assumption driven, but pulled by the people its made for.

6. We get you to actively design the business as a system — of flows and talents

The impact of that is you can see better, and can resource the different components more effectively.

7. We get you to make things real before they are real — we prototype everything as a way of working

The impact of this is that by ‘bouncing your proposition off the world’ you are not building your own assumptions into the product or service, you are finding a real fit with the future.

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