We work with the unusual suspects, people from a range of backgrounds who would not naturally expect to join a start-up scheme.



We are currently working with micro businesses including: Chaka Studio, Splash n Ripple, Circumstance, Mayfly, Anagram, Studio Meineck, Westin Nutrition; and continue to have the pleasure of working with some of the most innovative startups in the US and the UK including: Digestomat, Madlab.cc, Technicio.


We have been working with unconventional micro companies that are making things like new algae engines for restaurant waste, and finding ways to explore robots and the affordances of new digital manufacturing. We work with people who are making new products for an aging population that treats them like the rockers they are. Or they make new accessible interfaces so that you can hear the actual words of disenfranchised women from Peru. We work with them because that is where the future will come from.