We have worked with this amazing group of companies:

Plyset/Letabli London

Upstarter - final show - Roman Road Yard Market ©La Cabine de Margaux-16

This new range from Letabli London by Julien Vassieres, a dedicated maker of beautiful lighting and homewares. His Ply Set light is an adaptable positionable home light that comes as a fully made version, or as a kit. It has evolved as he has learned how the material behaves and how the cutting affects the form. Audiences are equally fascinated, too!

Lucky Sixpence Bridal


Anna’s baddass bridal wares changes the game for people who have a sense of their own style, yet don’t have deep pockets. Her business matches services to people and makes it work for them. She’s just a bit badass!

Chaka Studio & Ewan Kass-Cavanagh


Chacka Studio and Ewan Kass-Cavanagh have produced an interactive documentary that does not simply adress unheard voices, but also stimulates change in their award-winning Quipu Project work. It’s tough enough making films, but when you start to engage the disenfranchised people of Peru, you have a to work at another level of detail and sensitivity. They have made something magical here.

Splash n Ripple


Rosie Poebright’s skills in creating vivid experiences for heritage places – this example, Ghosts in the Garden is just one of her great collaborations to make stories more visceral. She’s an architect of extraordinary adventures! That’s what she is!


IMG_4836  IMG_3700

Duncan Speakman and Tom Abba produce books that take you on new journeys – their combination of beautifully designed physical books that react to digital views and makes whole new things. These Pages Fall Like Ash is just one of their mesmerising ‘books’. We bloody love their work.


IMG_4826  IMG_4108

Mayfly is a creation of Lucy Telling and Barney Heywood, founders of Stand and Stare in collaboration with Tim Cole of UWE. Their journal and sticker set are really appealing to travellers and anyone who keeps a journal and wants to keep the  sounds of their life. Connect an image to a page, to a sound as you collect your thoughts. Just beautiful.



Amy and May create amazing experiences for audiences and clients. Their Nightwatchers had us running around the Tower of London, pretending to be operatives! How brilliant! Just one of their many shows and creations.

Studio Meineck

leather-music-memory-box-1  Trove

The brilliant award-winning designer, Chloe Meineck designs boxes for families to support family members with dementia, and treasure boxes for kids in care.

Westin Nutrition


Sara Westin makes eating healthy a pleasure, with her new nutritional products. People seem to love them, too. Sprinkles to boost breakfasts and bars packed with energy and flavour.

We continue to have the pleasure of working with some of the most innovative startups in the US and the UK including:

Jake Douenias and Digestomat

Digestomat Splash preview 2

Jacob Douenias started as an architecture student with a great idea about digesting algae and making it work as a domestic unit as Biogenous. Over the part few years he has been prototyping it in different forms. The Living Things exhibit at Pittsburgh’s Mattress Factory is a stunning combination of his idea as an installation.


Reverb Overview

We had the pleasure of working with Madeline Gannon on her journey to make sense of code, and robots.



We worked with Deren Guler in the early days of her educational kit company.