Workshops get a kick start

Posted on Nov 26, 2012
Workshops get a kick start

We asked Benjamin Welmond to take us through the art of making a Kickstarter video, which he did on a friday lunchtime – taking us through the basics of DSLR camerawork, and getting us to review the qualities of those who got funded and those who didn’t.

It’s a subtle art, and needs planning, careful preparation about who the audience is, and then the notion of a range of audiences, and how these things need ongoing attention to keep the money coming in, creating a buzz and a momentum.

Its interesting how ‘finished’ video doesn’t always work, and can look corporate and weak at the same time. Other successes work a great story at the heart of the appeal, and that grabs people from the get go.

Lets see what our prospective founders do with that. Next workshop is on the 7th December on creating IP strategies for your ideas.